On the Road with Polly: Longhorn Ranch

On the Road with Polly: Longhorn Ranch

On the Road with Polly: Live Out Your Yellowstone Fantasy on CNY Longhorn Ranch

Who says you have to go all the way to Montana to live out your Yellowstone fantasy? You can channel your inner rancher at Albanese Longhorns ranch in Cazenovia.

Texas Longhorns aren’t just in Texas (or Montana). You can spend a day on the CNY ranch and get an up-close look at the beautiful animals.

Mike and Ellen Albanese got into the longhorns business over 20 years ago and have expanded to 5 locations with over 500 acres of pasture and more than 150 head, all organically raised.

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Own a Longhorn or Spend Day on Ranch

The family-run business is now opening its ranch to others. You can own your own longhorn and house it on the ranch, just like they do on horse farms. Or you can spend the day with the herd on the ranch. There’s even a bed & breakfast across the road if you want to spend the night.

Albanese Longhorns also offers USDA beef (less saturated fat than other breeds), rugs, pillows, home accents, and horns in their on-site store. They process some meat but their main goal is to sell live animals and Mike says most of his “pets” die of old age.


Tossing Hay & Corralling Cattle

I spent the day in the field on the back of a pickup truck filled with hay, tossing it out to the herd. Most would rather eat right off the truck, though — It seems the grass is greener on the truck.

I also helped corral a few of the Longhorns into a trailer, which is easier said than done. It takes a lot of patience, according to Dave, who has worked on the ranch for more years than he cares to admit.

“If you have all day it’ll take no time at all,” he says. “If you have no time, it’ll take all day.”


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Longhorns live about 20 years, and the Albanese family has up to four generations of cattle living together in the same herd. They never use hormones or antibiotics in raising their cattle, and they are happy to help other ranchers learn about starting a Longhorn herd. Learn more about them at albaneselonghorns.com and follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/albaneselonghorns.

The ranch also is looking for a social media manager to help promote some of their new programs; anyone interested can reach out on Facebook or email albanese.longhorns@gmail.com

Be sure to stop by their on-site store, and the next time you’re out shopping for milk, vegetables, or beef, be sure to keep an eye out for the Buy Madison County logo. When you see a product with this logo, you’ll know that it was grown, produced, and raised with pride right here in Madison County.

Over 65% of farms have been in that farm’s family for over 20 years, and 39% have been in the family for over 50 years. Madison County has over 691 farms operating in Madison County, representing a variety of sizes, agricultural products, and backgrounds. When you are shopping for groceries, remember to buy local.