On the Road with Polly: Kubecka Farms

On the Road with Polly: Kubecka Farms

On the Road with Polly: Corn Maze Lawnmower Racing at Kubecka Farms


In this edition of On the Road with Polly, I’m back on the Madison County Farm Tour checking out Kubecka Farms, a locally-owned family-run farm that’s been growing crops for three generations!

Located in the Town of Sullivan, Kubecka Farms was once a lake formed by an ancient glacier (you can still find seashells on the farm today) until it was cleared and farmed in the 1840s.

Fruits, Vegetables & Corn Maze

The fertile sandy soils became the ideal spot for a family-run farm that went from milking cows to growing over 30 different varieties of the freshest fruits and vegetables at the farm stand, a field of pumpkins ripe for picking, and a 13-acre corn maze that’ll take you close to an hour to complete — unless you’re on a lawn mower.

Levi, who runs the Kubecka farm stand with his wife Kara, challenged me to a race through the maze and I’m certainly not one to back down from a challenge. All I can say is, once the race was on, I never saw him again.

Unique Creations

From the orange pumpkins in honor of Syracuse University and purple peppers to honey nut squash (a mix between a butternut and acorn squash), a Cornell University creation, the 300-acre farm is home to several unique options.

Plus, Kubecka’s greenhouse high tunnels allow the farm to start the season early and extend later, so it can grow delicious offerings like everberry strawberries from June to October.

Flying Off Shelves

If you’re looking for ready-to-eat, non-GMO produce, I can’t recommend Kubecka Farms enough. But you better get to their stand early in the day! People around here love the fresh fruits and veggies, so they fly off the shelves faster than you can even blink.

Also, the next time you’re out shopping for milk, vegetables, or beef, be sure to keep an eye out for the Buy Madison County logo. When you see a product with this logo, you’ll know that it was grown, produced, and raised with pride right here in Madison County.

Over 65% of farms have been in that farm’s family for over 20 years, and 39% have been in the family for over 50 years. Madison County has over 691 farms operating in Madison County, representing a variety of sizes, agricultural products, and backgrounds. When you are shopping for groceries, remember to buy local.