On the Road with Polly: Farmstead1868

On the Road with Polly: Farmstead1868

On the Road With Polly: Discover All The Uses for Lavender on This Dairy Farm


When other families were baking bread during the pandemic, the Cody family was experimenting with making soaps, lotions, and creams, and with growing lavender. We

It’s just the latest venture for Farmstead 1868, which as the name implies, has been in the Cody family since 1868. It originally was a horse and hop farm before evolving into the dairy farm it is today. Much of what I got to see on my recent visit to this farm in Cazenovia is part of another evolution:


Monica Cody started growing lavender and creating a space of peace, something the mother of 5 needed as all of her children were home during the pandemic. Like other family dairy farms at that time, they had to dump milk, so they started making products with it to limit the waste.

I was so impressed with her lavender fields. I had no idea there were so many varieties or that you could actually cook with it, but after tasting that fudge, I’m a believer! It was DELISH. It has so many uses, too: decoration, soothing, migraine relief, tea, cook, and holiday centerpieces.

They also turned a harvester silo into a unique shop that carries a number of lavender and milk products. (You can purchase them online at farmstead1868.com and find them on Facebook at facebook.com/Farmstead1868. If you’re curious about Cody Farms, you can follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/Farmstead1868.

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Over 65% of farms have been in that farm’s family for over 20 years, and 39% have been in the family for over 50 years. Madison County has over 691 farms operating in Madison County, representing a variety of sizes, agricultural products, and backgrounds. When you are shopping for groceries, remember to buy local.