Start Your Day Off Right!!!

Here at Sandy's soaps and such I keep a small inventory to keep my products fresh and ready for you to when you use my products you know its freshly made. Unlike over the counter brands that can sit on the grocery shelf for who knows how long...all chemically free..great ingredients for that soft, supple well moisturized body that you've been longing for...Always look for my Soaps of the get 20% off

Start Your Day Off Right!!!

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Lavender soap
Natural Deodorant
Body butter
Bath bombs
Soap bundles
Lavender soapsoapsNatural DeodorantBody butterBath bombsSoap bundles
Business Name: Sandy's Soaps and Such
Deal: 20% off Pure & Natural June soap of the month

What is true soap? Made of simple things like oils and.. lye...NO added dyes or chemicals..packed with glycerin..which is removed in over the counter brands..then other chemicals are added..eww..who knew?  Let's go all natural..know what your putting on your skin..good for your body and soul...all my products are handmade and chemical using great ingredients you get great products...Shop Sandys Soaps and Such!



Contact Information
3061 Yorton Road, ,
Canastota, New York, United States 13032
Phone: 3153964658

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