Starlight Acres

Starlight Acres

Owners: Justin Fuess

Location:6389 Miller Rd, Munnsville, NY

Contact Information: or 315-941-2587


About: Starlight Acres is a sheep farm established in 2020 by a former dairy farmer Justin Fuess and his wife Jamie Fuess. After graduating with a degree in Animal Science in 2014, Justin worked on his family dairy farm as the herd manager. In 2018, Justin was introduced to solar grazing -- the vegetation maintenance of solar energy sites with sheep -- through our friends at the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA). 

After seeing the similarities between sheep and cows, and noticing the immense growth of solar sites across New York, Justin decided to transition from dairy cows to meat sheep. With the purchase of the first flock of 50 Katahdin-Dorper sheep, Starlight Acres was created.

Today, Starlight Acres is a proud member of ASGA and grazing solar sites in Central New York. Jamie and Justin also operate a small Honey Bee operation called "Fuess Buess" (pronounced Fees Bees) and produce small batches of local honey at the end of each summer.

Top products: Solar grazing and whole sale meat lambs

Where to buy them: Most lambs are sold locally and grazing services are mainly within madison county

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