Mosher Farms

Mosher Farms

Owners: Corey and Terry Mosher

Location: 3214 Fargo Rd, Bouckville, NY 13310

Contact Information: or 315-893-7173


About: Mosher Farms LLC is a four generation farm that was founded in 1920 by George and Katie Mosher. It began as a dairy farm but when the price of milk began to decline George with the persuasion from others began to plant peas. The business started with Katie Mosher selling the peas out of a basket on a bench in the front yard of their house. Once the strawberries were added they upgraded to a two shelf system with plywood on top acting as a roof. In the 80s the business began to grow so the family decided to bulldoze the backroom of their house and add a small stand to sell the produce on. Through the process of trial and error the family added more fruits and vegetables to the business throughout the years. The business has grown into a successful business and became a LLC in 2008.

Top products: Fruit, vegetable, and crop farm

Where to buy them: On location

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