Kubecka Farms

Kubecka Farms

Owners: Jeff Kubecka, Levi and Kara Atwood

Location: 691 Chestnut Ridge Rd , Kirkville, NY, United States, New York

Contact Information: kubeckafarm@gmail.com  or 315-687-5103

Social: https://www.facebook.com/KubeckaFarms

About: Originally cleared and farmed in the 1840s, the fertile sandy soils deposited by ancient glaciers became Kubecka Farms in 1943.  For 3 generations, we have grown crops here in Kirkville, New York.  The tradition began with potatoes but now includes over twenty different fruits and vegetables.  We work hard in cooperation with the land to provide fresh and great tasting fruits and vegetables from our family farm to your family's table.

Top products: Fruits and vegetables

Where to buy them: On location

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