Farmstead 1868

Farmstead 1868

Owners: Monica Cody

Location: 4690 Shephards Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035

Contact Information: or 315-655-9863


About: Monica, Bill, and their family, welcome you to Farmstead 1868, a new lavender farm in Fenner! Located adjacent to the Cody Farm heifer facility on the legacy Shephard Bros. Dairy, this agricultural progression showcases the longstanding heritage of farming in Fenner.  

Top products: Lavender value-added products (cream, sachets, candles, milk bath and soaps) made with milk from DFA.  Farmstead 1868 also welcomes photographers and artists to use their location.  Visit their website for more information.   

Where to buy them: Online sales, 20 East, Nelson Farm Store, and Cazenovia farmers market

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