Foothill Hops Farm Brewery

Foothill Hops Farm Brewery

Owners: Larry Fisher

Location: 5024 Bear Path Road, Munnsville, NY 13409

Contact Information: or 315-495-2451


About: Over 25 years ago, they learned that Madison County was the birthplace of US commercial hops production in the early 1800’s.  Historic and scientific curiosity led them to plant their first hops rhizomes and to found Foothill Hops Farm in 2001, becoming one of the very first farms to grow hops in New York State since the 1950’s. 

Foothill Hops Farm Brewery became a reality in November 2017. Since that time they have tripled in size, added many new features indoors and out, expanded beer lineup, and made many new friends.  You will find “our hops in every drop” of their beers and nearly 100% of the grains and other ingredients come from New York farmers and producers, most within Madison County. In addition to our beers and line of “hops cuisine” products, we carry a wide selection of NYS wine, mead, spirits, and locally produced specialty foods in our tasting room. Let them share “the whole hops experience” with you - from Madison County history to their hopyard to harvesting and processing to brewing to the pint. Nothing would make Kate and Larry “hoppier” than if you came to visit.

Top products: Farm brewed beer using hops from own farm and hops and grain from other NYS Producercs.  Also, Mustards, seasonings, and lemonade made with hops

Where to buy them: Foothills taproom, Nelson Farms

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