Gianforte Farm LLC

Gianforte Farm LLC

Owners: Luke Gianforte

Location: 5882 East Lake Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035

Contact Information: or 315-877-1328


About: Gianforte Farm operates in the rolling hilltops north of Cazenovia, New York. Success in organic farming represents a delicate dance between crop selection, tillage practices, weather and timing to produce a good crop yield and reduce weeds and pests. Any given year we grow up to 10 different organic grains and row crops as well as underseed fields with legumes to bolster fertility. Soil health is carefully monitored and enhanced through crop selection and periodic use of soil amendments such as gypsum and compost. Gianforte Farm produces up to 13 different organic food-grade grains and beans in its planned crop rotation.

Top products: Rolled oats, wheat flour, dry beans, corn meal

Where to buy them: All our products can be ordered and then picked up at our farm. During the winter they sell at the Cazenovia Saturday Farmers Market as well

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