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Meant To B Acres

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Deal: Whole beef $3.25/lb!!

Owners: Mark Weisbrod

Location: 2683 Freber Rd. Chittenango, NY 13037

Contact Information: or 302-363-3884

Facebook Page: Meant To B Acres

Top products: Angus and Angus Cross beef

Where to buy them: 


Veteran owned & operated family Farm in Madison County, NY. With the help of parents and children we are raising & marketing grass fed and finished Angus and Angus Cross beef exhibiting the sought after characteristics of today's finest beef animals.

The animals are rotationally grazing our pastures spring until fall and given our hay in an open feed system during the winter months. The 5th Generation is being raised to respect a hard days work, the importance of agriculture, and a love for nature! We maintain a closed herd of ~100 head and mainly sell by 1/2 and whole animal, but can sell quarters or even USDA inspected out of the freezer for a small premium.

Our steers are born and raised on our farm, we truck our animals to one of our local pre-screened USDA or Custom butchers. If you choose to process at a different butcher we will truck an animal up to 40 miles free of charge. All meat from the processors we use will come frozen in labeled and vacuum sealed packages.

Contact Information
2683 Freber Rd, ,
Chittenango, New York, United States 13037
Phone: 302-363-3884

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