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Creekside Meadows Farm

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Top products: Pork, Beef, Honey, Vegetables

Where to by them: Our farmstand is closed for the season. We are not at any farmers markets. BUT we are at the Hampton Inn, Cazenovia Dec. 3rd 9a-2pm for the Madison Farm and Garden Expo. We will have Popcorn, Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar and a selection of the remaining meats (burger, brats, breakfast sausage). free event and some good local shopping all from Madison County.

Some of our products can be found at 20/East shop in Cazenovia OR you can shop our online store. You can then schedule a convenient pickup day and time to stop at the farm for your order. We leave your order in a cooler for easy no contact pickup. OR many items we ship like our soaps, popcorn, maple sugar and our gift boxes. Sorry we do not ship glass maple syurp or meats.


We are a woman, veteran-owned family farm offering 100% Grassfed-Grain Free Beef, Pasture/Woodland Raised Pork, Vegetables, Maple Syrup, Heirloom Popcorn, Handcrafted Soaps and firewood.  We are in the SW corner of Cazenovia, near Deruyter Reservoir.  Our farm is 150 acres of rolling meadows and woodlands that are holistically managed with no artificial fertiliers, herbicides or pesticides.
We raise our animals and products with resilience always in mind and so our local ecosystem is protected and our products not only taste great but are healthy for the farmer, the land and the animals.
Our beef herd is made up of mostly herefords with a little belted galloway. They are born and raised their lives on the farm with the target of having calm happy cattle that are always completely raised on our lush grass pastures 7 months of the year and fed our own hay during the winter. We make woodchips for their winter bedding which is then composted to fertilize the market gardens and pastures. Our pigs are purchased from another local farm and raised in small groups. They rotate through some pasture, woodlands and areas we want them to renovate. They have plenty of space to roam, dig, romp and snooze like they should. Our animals are hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free.
We have a seasonal farmstand for our fresh vegetables and products, most of our meats are sold in bulk to our longtime customers.  We are now shipping our non-perishable items.  We proudly carry the Homegrown By Heroes Label as a veteran-owned farm.

Contact Information
2242 Reservoir Road,
New Woodstock,
New Woodstock, New York, United States 13122
Phone: 3157202141

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